Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Overwhelming Sunflowers

The sunflowers have certainly taken over the garden, as well as the area under the bird feeder out back. I suppose this will be the last hurrah for the garden, along with the Cosmos that peek out from under the heavy leaves. We have had strong winds lately and the stalks of all the plants are leaning over in a southerly direction. Things look disheveled. I'm watching the decline of the garden with a degree of melancholy. No matter how you look at it, things are dying. Their decendants will come up next year, emerging out of their parents' skeletons. It's curious that when new growth emerges from the roots or seeds left by the previous generation we see it as the same plant coming back. "The crocuses are just poking their heads out,"we say. "The Lilies are up." .............as if they have just been napping. The blossoms that came and went and blew away are forgotten.

It's a way we have of looking at nature. We control populations of animals and plants by weeding them out, often randomly. Individual life is meaningless until we speak of homo sapiens. Religion has somehow elevated our species...........or perhaps I only blame religion. In any case, we treat every human as unique, but consider one individual member of other species pretty much the same as another..............and the best of them can't compare to the human being. We worship our own brains.

I am going down a familiar path and will stop there.
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