Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Chicken Family

So, here we go again. I meant to get three chicks, but what could I do when I saw them? There are two each of three different kinds......Rhode Island reds, Bard(or Barred?) Rocks, and Black something or others. I didn't get the name, but they are so cute. I found my heat lamp, but the other baby chick stuff had disappeared. I had to get a new waterer and feeder, but both of the new ones are better than those I had before. All of them seem healthy and are eating and drinking well. They are four days old today.

I am trying not to imagine their possible future. I've had bad luck, no matter what I do to protect them. I have about a month to prepare the Fort Knox of chicken pens and I intend to do my best. They have no names yet, but I'll watch their personalities develop and name them accordingly. I'm glad to have them.

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