Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Bumper Sticker

I am the only one I know who has one of these...not surprising since I know so few people. I would love to see her get elected president, basically because she has two qualifications.....she is a democrat, and she is a woman.  I haven't agreed with some of the things she has said, but I am sadly not very savvy where politics and policy are concerned.  I used to be, but I have lived long enough to know that when I take a stand, I am likely to be ignorant of important considerations.  I know only that republicans stand for everything I am against, and that male leaders have got us where we are today.  I have often thought that the world's problems will never be solved....not one of them....until women run things.  Males of every species tend to be territorial bullies, solving disputes by exhibiting aggression.

Well, I won't go on about that, but I display my bumper sticker proudly.

My computer was not working and had to be in the computer hospital for a few days.  Now it is a pleasure to use, though I had to learn a lot of things over again.  I have taken pictures to post, though, and will do that over the next day or two.  I also started another blog where I intend to post my paintings and my thoughts about them.  Mainly I got the idea because this blog is listed on the ad for the gallery, which is really not appropriate for that purpose.  This will give me a place to showcase my paintings like a real artist.  I will try to ad it to the list on the sidebar of this blog, but there's no way of knowing whether I can do it or not.

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