Saturday, May 13, 2023

Can you belive it!?

 I can't tell you how glad I was when I found out that I could get my blog back after all.  Being absolutely stupid about the workings of cyberspace I thought that all was lost when my computer died.  I got this chromebook, but I had no idea I could get all my past posts by simply using the information I had on my old computer.  Go figure.  My daughter was visiting this week and the subject came up......she had underestimated my computer stupidity and never gave the situation any thought.  I guess she underestimated my ignorance, just as I did.  In any case, here I am.  The first thing I did was check to see if you were still there.  I am so happy to be in touch again..........hope you will be, too.  


karenwihbey said...

Hi Cheri, Glad to see you're back! Hope you're doing well and still painting? Any updates on your dogs? Karen

Cheri Walton said...

I just ran across your post when I was thumbing through my old blog. I had to give it up when my computer died.........didn't have the motivation to start all over again even though I used to enjoy it. It would be nice if you'd come and visit. I lost all my information from the computer and didn't have the money to deal with trying to get it all back. I have a chromebook, which is fine for my needs. I live in a nice apartment (in Boynton Manor) (2 bedrooms}.........plenty of room for company. I'd love to see you.