Thursday, January 10, 2008

Raye's Mustard

I painted this little 8x10 from a photo I took during one of those big snowstorms we had. I was in the IGA parking lot looking over at Raye's Mustard Mill. Rabee, a watercolorist who belongs to the gallery, painted from the same picture and posted it on his blog, which is listed on my sidebar. I love seeing the two of them....such different interpretations of the same thing. Actually mine is not really an interpretation because I was simply copying the photo, but Rabee's is very exciting. I do think I really got the day down well, though. It looks cold and snowy, just as it actually was. I painted it at Sydney's yesterday, the first art day we have had for quite awhile because of the holidays. It was great to be back at it.

Today I painted in my own studio. It was nice to really get down to work there. I found that the afternoon sun hits me right in the face, so I will have to set myself up elsewhere. Otherwise I liked working there. I noticed a nice view from my bathroom window this morning, so I took a picture of it and used it as subject matter. Painting Eastport is quite entertaining even though I don't have the passion I felt for the Epping Road series. Something like that doesn't happen very often, though. It takes a particular set of circumstances to set it in motion.

Meanwhile, these Eastport paintings keep me interested, and they are also appealing to others. This one is already sold.
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Rabea said...

Hey..This is a pretty good painting. Your pictures are inspiring. I am glad you liked my painting. It really means to me!